The High End and Low End of Education

If you are looking to become a petroleum engineer there are a lot of college options for you to choose from. While some of them may be more expensive than others, you can also receive a quality education without putting yourself in a lot of student debt. A petroleum engineer is responsible for developing and designing new ways to extract gas and oil from below the surface of the earth. So as you could imagine, it requires a great deal of training and education to obtain a career in petroleum engineering.

Petroleum Engineering Schools

One of the best petroleum engineering programs in the country is the Petroleum Engineering program at the Colorado School of Mines. They offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as opportunities to travel abroad for one semester out of the year to Australia, Holland, or Austria. Students are also given the option to obtain their Masters of Science and Engineering depending on what their future plans entail. The average yearly tuition cost for an in-state student is a little under $20,000 a year. If you are an out of state student, it is a little over $30,000 annually.

Pennsylvania State University is another excellent choice for students interested in obtaining a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate Degrees in Petroleum Engineering as well as obtain Minor’s in the field. There are various scholarship opportunities available to help you fund your degree. If you are an in-state student tuition is about $15,000 before books and boarding. If you are an out of state student then it is closer to $20,000.

The University of Tulsa in Oklahoma has a great petroleum engineering program as well. They offer students Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in the field. They also offer students the opportunity to work in Geosciences as well as Chemical Engineering. This is a very hands-on program that permits students to work in the field and learn precisely how oil is drilled and what the job entails. The university also has a drilling laboratory in order for students to practice their drilling skills. Undergraduates can expect to pay about $35,000 a year in tuition.


All of these schools are excellent choices if you want to pursue a career in petroleum engineering. Pennsylvania State University is the least expensive of the three and also provides students with a quality education. The good news is that no matter which school you choose they all have excellent financial aid and scholarship opportunities available to you. Your choice will depend on what part of the country you live in as well. This career field allows you to travel so that is also something to keep in mind. Great minds equal great opportunities.

The High End and Low End of Education Credit Picture License: Mark Witton via photopin cc