The Most Lucrative Fields of Engineering

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The Most Lucrative Fields of Engineering

Engineering is a field that is specialized but highly lucrative if chosen as a career. There are many different jobs that you can go for, making it challenging to plan your engineering career. This is why you should consider various jobs and compare their benefits, challenges and requirements so that you can find the engineering career that will work best for you.

Petroleum Engineering

As a petroleum engineer you will have to get involved in various activities, including overseeing drilling activities, selecting recovery schemes, evaluating potential oil and gas reservoirs, and design various facilities. It’s a challenging but highly rewarding career, as with many other fields of engineering. But in order to become an engineer you will need to obtain the right qualifications.

If you want to become a petroleum engineer you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree. You can get this from various universities and schools and they offer various programs for you to consider. Some of the best schools to consider include the Texas A&M University, the Colorado School of Mines and the Pennsylvania State University. There are various programs that you can study and you can obtain your degree to start your rewarding career as a petroleum engineer.

Becoming a Journalist

Becoming a journalist is often a dream of many students who want to pursue a career where they can investigate a story and ensure that their readers get nothing but the best information and news. Whether you want to work for a newspaper, magazine or online blog, becoming a journalist is a great way to start your career. There are many advancements in technology that allow you to have it a bit easier than journalists before you, but that only means that you can be better at what you do.

It’s now possible to study at some of the top US journalism schools and this is great news for students from all over the globe. Some of the top schools include University of Missouri, Northwestern University, and the Ohio University. These schools have various journalism degrees that you can choose from and you will become qualified as a top notch journalist in no time. In terms of tuition fees, you can expect to pay anything up to $40,000 or more, depending on the school you choose to study at.

Whether you choose to become a journalist or want to pursue a challenging career as an engineer, it’s always important to make the most out of your studies so that you can get the qualification you need to advance your career. You should compare the different schools and make sure that you choose one that will fit your budget and your career goals effectively.

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The Potentials of Digging Deep

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petrol-engineering-background-imageI’m confident when I say that engineers are prized as being some of the most high-paying specialists out there in the world today, and also some of the most important to our nation and world. Petroleum engineers right now have been reaping in the benefits of the economy and position of demand that petroleum has found itself.

So what does a petroleum engineer do?

According to CNN, petroleum engineers use a variety of skills such as math, physics, and geology to do their job. They oversee digging operations, evaluate drill sites, and lots of managing work. On top of all this they handle lots of the financial business. This means as a petroleum engineer you must be able to be good with numbers and know how to estimate costs, as well as cut them.

Why are petroleum engineers so prized? Well, the median salary right now is running at roughly $163,000! That’s quite a bit of money considering an entry level position would already be right around six-figures; given, not everyone is cut out to be a petroleum engineer.

EveryDayLife states that at least a 4-year Bachelor’s degree is needed in order to be a petroleum engineer, but there are Master’s programs available. There are also an estimated 30,200 jobs available right now, with an expected increase of 17% over the next 10 years.

Some of the perks of being a petroleum engineer are actually quite big. For one, you get to travel a lot. While you may have to work long hours and shifts, you may get the chance to go places that you have never been able to otherwise.  For something a little more noteworthy, the Society of Petroleum Engineers reports that U.S. Respondents receive on average an additional $50,000 per year; about a third of what their salary normally is.

I think it’s safe to say that petroleum engineers are paid quite well. However, being a petroleum engineer is quite challenging. You must have great problem solving skills and be able to think outside-the-box in order to create solutions. This is all in addition to being proficient with all the technical aspects too, which can be quite comprehensive. Having a profound knowledge of drilling rigs as well as all of the geology involved with petroleum is crucial to being a successful petroleum engineer.

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