Uplifting music will never have an expiry date since it is said to be the mother language as expressed by the soul. Music can in some instances be as powerful as the medicine in the cabinet since it is not only good for the mind but it also affects the body positively. Here are some of the reasons why playing the guitar might be helpful to your health;

Taking a few hours on your guitar has been medically proven to reduce high levels of stress and reduce blood pressure. Sustained pressure from work, relationship conflicts and business deals has the effect of increasing your blood pressure and straining your mind. A practice session with your guitar literally distracts your mind from the stress and helps the brain relax, reduces tension in your muscles and reduces the amount of stress hormones produced in your body.

Playing the guitar is also a healthy way of socializing with like-minded people.

Apart from relieving stress, playing the guitar is known to be a nice way of sharpening the mind. A Sharp brain function is not only important for our day to day duties but is also important for our old age. Sharpening one’s brain during the formative years of a person is known to be a guard that helps prevent excessive decline of the brain function in our old age. Playing music instruments also improves your coordination apart from increasing your memory capacity which ends up improving all the areas of our life.

Playing the guitar professionally can be a very rewarding career financially especially for those who are exceptionally good at it. Music lovers who nurture this craft from childhood through to their adult life are known to have a very good chance of being successful guitar players. Earning money from something that one enjoys doing is something that all of us desire but for those that are able to monetize their hobbies it is very rewarding.

For people who bear the burden of living with diseases that are chronic in nature and have to constantly pop pain relieving medicines into their system, playing a music instrument or listening to some uplifting music can actually reduce pain by taking their mind off the pain.

Playing music is also known to be good for our cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular ailments are on the rise and they are mainly as a result of the stressful lifestyles that people live. People who consistently spend time on their favorite guitar or on the piano eventually end up lowering their blood pressure which leads to a heart rate that is lower.

Playing musical instruments such as the piano can be very satisfying. There is a wide range of cheap, easy to play electric digital pianos for beginners who wish to experience the fun and satisfaction that comes from playing the piano. This is especially good for young adults since it ensures that they don’t get bored and end up engaging in destructive habits.

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