The Versatility Of Pogoplug

Even though cloud storage program are a wonderful option for everyone who is seeking a safe place to store their files, unfortunately there are some cloud storage programs that cause problems. Some companies take advantage of the fact that the popularity for this type of program is rising and they copy it and cause consumers much grief. If you have installed one of these programs you are in luck because there is an easy way to get rid of the annoying problems that it adds to your computer.

There are some issues with My PC Backup. Many people complain that it is not a legitimate product and only puts spyware on your computer and does very little to help with your file storage needs. The company assures its customers that it is a legitimate company with a legitimate helpful product to offer. My PC Backup does in fact provide cloud storage for all of your files such as music, data, photos, and much more. However, if you are concerned about this software being malware, please remove it immediately.

My PC Backup has been known to install itself without being wanted and show ads and pop-up windows causing you to have malware and spyware on your computer. There are ways that you can eliminate these from your computer. You must first make yourself the system Administrator and then login into your MY PC Backup account. Use your Windows task manager to terminate the file “My PC Backup.exe.” After that is removed you may then uninstall the program and should no longer see any problems.

One exceptional option is Pogoplug. Pogoplug allows you to keep all of your photos in one safe storage area to use whenever you need them. All you have to do is download the Pogoplug application to any of your devices and you are all set to go! One of the major perks to this cloud storage application is that they offer unlimited photo and video backup for a low price of $49.95 a year. Backing up your photos insures safety of those treasured family photos that you simply do not want to lose. This is the best choice for families on a tight budget but in need of a reliable cloud storage program.

Pogoplug also doesn’t save any of your password information so that also remains secure. They use the same protocol of encryption as a bank would to protect your financial information. They recommend that if you are looking for added security then you should encrypt the files yourself and Pogoplug will store those encrypted files.

When choosing the right cloud storage for you make sure you do your research before adding any new programs to your computer. You may be adding a virus without even knowing it.

The Versatility Of Pogoplug Credit Picture License: pogoplug via photopin cc
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