Guitars have been used for a long time for playing music. Some people play the guitar as a hobby while others do it as a career. Playing the guitar as a hobby is rewarding as it helps individuals find a better way of spending their free time by learning new things. Playing the guitar can also help an individual to relieve stress and also learn to express themselves positively to the world.

An individual can also find a lifetime career by becoming a professional guitarist. It however might require one to enroll for guitar classes where they are taught on various aspects of music. By enrolling in music classes, an individual can also diversify the scope of study and learn playing other musical instruments.

Beginners can learn playing the guitar using electric guitars or acoustic guitars. Some people will find it easier to train using an electric guitar while others will find it easier to use an acoustic guitar. The choice between an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar will majorly depend on the type of music an individual is interested in.

The first guitars to be made were acoustic guitars. These guitars have a body made of different types of wood, mainly hardwood such as mahogany. They have a hollow part on their body that is known as a sound hole. The work of a sound hole in an acoustic guitar is to amplify the sound produced when the guitar strings are plucked.

Acoustic guitars are mostly used by individuals and bands for playing classical music, country music and other types of music genres. Acoustic guitars have an advantage of staying true to the sound produced by the guitar strings. The sound that is amplified in the sound hole is free from distortion.

The emergence of electricity and amplification technology made it possible to produce electric guitars. Electric guitars utilize guitar pickups that transform vibrations from the guitar strings into electric signals. These signals are then fed into a guitar amplifier for amplification and broadcasting.

There are several types of electric guitars available in the market. They include guitars for metal music, bass guitars and other types of guitars that are suitable for various types of music genres. Electric guitars utilize steel strings which are known to produce a stronger sound than that produced by nylon strings. Steel guitar strings are however tougher on the fingers of a beginner as compared to nylon strings.

Some electric guitar brands are more comfortable in the hands of a beginner than others. The ease to handle an electric guitar depends on its shape and also the size. Electric guitars come in various sizes suitable for both children and adults.

Electric guitars vary in the quality of sound that they produce. There are some that produce better sound quality and they are averagely priced. Some popular electric guitar brands such as the fender star caster guitar and the Les Paul produce electric guitars are suitable for all types of guitar players. A beginner can use these guitars to train on various music styles that include rock, jazz, blues and also heavy metal.

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