Bass guitars are made to have a distinct and powerful tone that sets them apart from the rest by giving the guitarist expression and control that ultimately leads to a big musical impact. The guitar, the room from which the music is played, the accompanying electronic accessories and the bass player are all supposed to come together harmoniously in order to produce a bass sound that is ideal. However, this is not always the case since every now and then there are factors that might affect the timbre produced by a bass guitar.

Most bass guitars are made with one or more tuning dials that assist the player to adjust and balance the output from the; pickups, the volume, and also controls for the treble and the mid frequencies. Using these dials a player is also able to change the tone from a sound that is delicate to thin or from light sound to a boomy thick sound.

There are some guitar amps that are made with different controls that can also be used to alter the tone produced by the bass guitar.

The strings on a bass guitar may sometimes vary in weight and quality. Although experienced bass guitarists understand the value of having the right strings on your bass guitar, it is imperative of new enthusiasts to understand this fact since it will greatly determine the sound of their instrument and affect the outcome of their performance as well.

There are different types of pick ups that can be fitted onto a bass guitar but the best pickup should be determined by the music that the bass player intends to play. There are two main bass categories which are precision bass and jazz bass.

While jazz bass guitars are fitted with single coils, precision bass guitars are fitted with precision bass pickups. These two categories of bass have been used as a standard in the industry for quite a while because the sound produced by the two is distinct and suited for the type of music they play.

The settings on bass amps have the ability to create a good sound or destroy the whole performance. While some bass amps begin to hiss when they are at the high end, others tend to be too low to the point of being inaudible while at the low end.

Good bass amp settings should allow the player to define and alter the right sound through the preamp of the guitar. When an amp does not have adequate clean power, it may in some cases distort when the amp volume is turned up. This can be frustrating when the bass player wants to produce a clean sound.

The tone produced by a bass guitar is greatly affected by the technique of a player. There are different playing techniques that are used like the vibrato, pull offs and hammer-ons, slap bass, slurs and slides and many more. The technique used affects the sound that is produced by each tone hence although different bass players may use the same guitar, the sound produced may be very different.