Music is an important component in many people’s lives. It has been produced and played for generations. People listen to several types of music for various reasons. There are people who find solace in music, especially when they are feeling low while others listen to music for entertainment.

I have been fond of music for a long time. My first experience with music was through an acoustic guitar that my dad used to play at home. I was still young but it made me get determined to know how to play the guitar. My dad loved country music and any time he was free he would go into his study room where he used to play the guitar from.

Sometimes I would join him there where he taught me a few basics on guitar like how to hold a guitar and use of different guitar parts. I was only five and still very young to know how to play a guitar. When I turned ten years, I enrolled for guitar classes where improved on how to play the guitar. With time, I perfected my skills and I was good at it. I would sometimes carry my dad’s guitar to school where I played to my friends whenever we were free.

My friends then started inviting me to their birthday parties and other occasions to entertain them and their guests with my guitar. Most of the times I was paid when I played the guitar in such events. I would then give out the proceedings to my mom. She opened a savings account for me as a way of teaching me how to save at an early age.

With time, I became very popular in the whole neighborhood. I received invitations to perform at parties on almost every weekend. Apart from playing the guitar, I was also good at organizing other fun activities such as games for kids.

Initially, I was only performing with an acoustic guitar without an amplifier. But with time, I bought an acoustic guitar amplifier to boost my performance especially when I was performing to a bigger audience. After attending several events, I realized that majority of them failed on certain elements as most of the parents were not familiar with their kids’ preferences.

I approached my mom with the idea of starting a kid’s focused business such as event organizing for kid’s events such as birthday and graduation parties. She was happy that I had become entrepreneurial at such an early age. My mom agreed and she registered a home based business in event organizing and hosting. The business majorly dealt with party planning, birthday products for the kids, educational toys, and game consoles for the kids.

After registering the business, we spent some time marketing it on various platforms and the response from the market was amazing. There was no other business in the market with the same idea as ours in the entire town. The business grew in popularity and we received invitations from far and wide. I would therefore spend most of my weekends at various birthday parties which my mom helped me organize.

After some time, my performance in school drastically declined and my mom had to limit the number of performances I would have in a month so that I would improve on academics.  I however juggled between books and business until I completed my education up to college level.

 After college, I decided to concentrate fully on business. By this time, I had already known of other items such as karaoke home machines which I acquired to help me spice up kid’s events. I had already learnt various aspects of business management and this has helped me in managing my business.  Currently, the business has grown and I am even targeting a bigger market in this unexploited niche.