The audacity to take the first step is one of the surest path to achieving ones dreams. Many of us harbor the dreams of playing the guitar but without taking that first step, our dreams might possibly never materialize. Here are some pertinent factors to consider before acquiring that first guitar whether it’s for you or for your child.

After the manufacture of guitars, many guitars are tuned to a standard pitch which is known to produce the very best tone musically and is also meant to set the standard for these music instruments. Tuning your instrument too high from the standard pitch will result in a poor sound quality and it might also lead to breaking the guitar strings; while tuning too low can also lead to poor sound quality. This can be remedied by ensuring that the guitar you purchase has an electronic tuner.

One of the most important factors that one should consider before purchasing a guitar is the workmanship that has been put into the guitar. Poor workmanship can be manifested by glaring flaws like edges that are jugged, squeaking machine heads and poor finish.

When guitars were first introduced they were all crafted by hand before the introduction of large scale production plants which are now used widely. Handcrafted guitars tend to have a good finish since a bit more care is definitely put into the workmanship. For more than a quarter of a century now, a small town in Canada has made handcrafting guitars their job. One of the guitars that are crafted in this small town is the seagull guitar.

It’s common for many beginners to go for the most inexpensive guitar that they can find especially when purchasing one for the kids with the thought that the kid might drop the idea midway hence leading to lose of money. However, a cheap guitar is certainly harder to play and might not be visually attractive to a kid hence might actually end up being a disappointment.

Most guitars are now manufactured with an inbuilt pickup for the acoustic guitars that allow the instruments to be plugged into an amplifier. Electric guitars come with a wide array of electronics like tuners, tone controls and pickups etc that are very useful especially for experienced players.  In order to know the kind of electronic accessories that one needs for a guitar, you need to perfectly understand the intended use which will determine the kind of accessories that will be necessary.

The size of the guitar should also be a consideration especially when introducing children to guitar playing. Teaching children to play the guitar by using the normal large scale guitars can be very discouraging to kids since getting their little fingers to the frets can be quite challenging. This can be uncomfortable, discouraging and ultimately painful to young children. Travel guitar are some of the other type of guitars that are also known to be compact and small in size for the sake of portability.