There two main types of guitars available in the market; acoustic guitars and electric guitars. Acoustic guitars are the first type to be made. These guitars have a hollow body that is used for sound amplification. Electric guitars on the other hand have guitar pickups which transform vibrations from the cords into electric signals. These signals are then fed into a guitar amplifier for amplification.

For a long time, electric power cables have been used to transfer electric signals from the guitar pickup to an amplifier. Though power cords have been excellent in transmitting signal from a guitar to an amplifier, they have been faced with several limitations.

The cables used to connect the electric guitar to the amplifier systems limit an individual’s mobility. A guitarist is therefore limited to the length of the cable they use. Using very long power cables for signal transmission has also been known to interfere with the quality of the signal. As the signal travels through a longer distance, it tends to be weak. There is also the risk of accidentally pulling out cables from instruments by guitarist as they move around.

Wireless guitar systems were created to address such major challenges experienced when using cables for signal transmission. While these wireless guitar systems have freed guitarists from the bonds of using cords, they have on the other hand created an array of headaches for the sound crew.

Getting a wireless guitar system to behave predictably is challenging to both professionals and the novice alike. There is no wireless guitar system that is immune to interferences. The main secret of dealing with such interferences is knowing what causes them and ways in which an individual can avoid them.

One of the main causes of signal interference in a wireless guitar system is signal blockage. This is mainly caused by physical objects such as people and structures. A guitarist must therefore maintain a clear line-of-sight between a transmitter and the receiver. Metal objects, large number of people and even structures should be avoided as they contribute to signal blockage.

When an individual cups their hands around an external antennae of a hand-held transmitter, the effective output signal is reduced by at least fifty percent. Coiling or folding wires on a bodypack transmitter also interferes with signal transmission.

Another major cause of interference on wireless systems is incorrect positioning of the receiver antennae. Choosing the wrong receiver, placing it in unsuitable place or wrong cabling can result to signal loss or frequent signal dropouts.

Modern receivers with duo antennae perform better than single antennae receivers. To ensure that there is no signal dropout during a performance, the two antennae should be put apart by at least five inches. The best positioning of receiver antennae is in a V-configuration. This position provides a better signal pick-up by the two receiver antennae.

Signal dropout in a wireless guitar system can also be caused by poor battery management. Most of the wireless system device manufactures specify certain types of batteries for use in their devices.  Alkaline and lithium based batteries are commonly used as they have a stable output voltage throughout their life.

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Guitars have been used for a long time for playing music. Some people play the guitar as a hobby while others do it as a career. Playing the guitar as a hobby is rewarding as it helps individuals find a better way of spending their free time by learning new things. Playing the guitar can also help an individual to relieve stress and also learn to express themselves positively to the world.

An individual can also find a lifetime career by becoming a professional guitarist. It however might require one to enroll for guitar classes where they are taught on various aspects of music. By enrolling in music classes, an individual can also diversify the scope of study and learn playing other musical instruments.

Beginners can learn playing the guitar using electric guitars or acoustic guitars. Some people will find it easier to train using an electric guitar while others will find it easier to use an acoustic guitar. The choice between an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar will majorly depend on the type of music an individual is interested in.

The first guitars to be made were acoustic guitars. These guitars have a body made of different types of wood, mainly hardwood such as mahogany. They have a hollow part on their body that is known as a sound hole. The work of a sound hole in an acoustic guitar is to amplify the sound produced when the guitar strings are plucked.

Acoustic guitars are mostly used by individuals and bands for playing classical music, country music and other types of music genres. Acoustic guitars have an advantage of staying true to the sound produced by the guitar strings. The sound that is amplified in the sound hole is free from distortion.

The emergence of electricity and amplification technology made it possible to produce electric guitars. Electric guitars utilize guitar pickups that transform vibrations from the guitar strings into electric signals. These signals are then fed into a guitar amplifier for amplification and broadcasting.

There are several types of electric guitars available in the market. They include guitars for metal music, bass guitars and other types of guitars that are suitable for various types of music genres. Electric guitars utilize steel strings which are known to produce a stronger sound than that produced by nylon strings. Steel guitar strings are however tougher on the fingers of a beginner as compared to nylon strings.

Some electric guitar brands are more comfortable in the hands of a beginner than others. The ease to handle an electric guitar depends on its shape and also the size. Electric guitars come in various sizes suitable for both children and adults.

Electric guitars vary in the quality of sound that they produce. There are some that produce better sound quality and they are averagely priced. Some popular electric guitar brands such as the fender star caster guitar and the Les Paul produce electric guitars are suitable for all types of guitar players. A beginner can use these guitars to train on various music styles that include rock, jazz, blues and also heavy metal.

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Bass guitars are made to have a distinct and powerful tone that sets them apart from the rest by giving the guitarist expression and control that ultimately leads to a big musical impact. The guitar, the room from which the music is played, the accompanying electronic accessories and the bass player are all supposed to come together harmoniously in order to produce a bass sound that is ideal. However, this is not always the case since every now and then there are factors that might affect the timbre produced by a bass guitar.

Most bass guitars are made with one or more tuning dials that assist the player to adjust and balance the output from the; pickups, the volume, and also controls for the treble and the mid frequencies. Using these dials a player is also able to change the tone from a sound that is delicate to thin or from light sound to a boomy thick sound.

There are some guitar amps that are made with different controls that can also be used to alter the tone produced by the bass guitar.

The strings on a bass guitar may sometimes vary in weight and quality. Although experienced bass guitarists understand the value of having the right strings on your bass guitar, it is imperative of new enthusiasts to understand this fact since it will greatly determine the sound of their instrument and affect the outcome of their performance as well.

There are different types of pick ups that can be fitted onto a bass guitar but the best pickup should be determined by the music that the bass player intends to play. There are two main bass categories which are precision bass and jazz bass.

While jazz bass guitars are fitted with single coils, precision bass guitars are fitted with precision bass pickups. These two categories of bass have been used as a standard in the industry for quite a while because the sound produced by the two is distinct and suited for the type of music they play.

The settings on bass amps have the ability to create a good sound or destroy the whole performance. While some bass amps begin to hiss when they are at the high end, others tend to be too low to the point of being inaudible while at the low end.

Good bass amp settings should allow the player to define and alter the right sound through the preamp of the guitar. When an amp does not have adequate clean power, it may in some cases distort when the amp volume is turned up. This can be frustrating when the bass player wants to produce a clean sound.

The tone produced by a bass guitar is greatly affected by the technique of a player. There are different playing techniques that are used like the vibrato, pull offs and hammer-ons, slap bass, slurs and slides and many more. The technique used affects the sound that is produced by each tone hence although different bass players may use the same guitar, the sound produced may be very different.

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Uplifting music will never have an expiry date since it is said to be the mother language as expressed by the soul. Music can in some instances be as powerful as the medicine in the cabinet since it is not only good for the mind but it also affects the body positively. Here are some of the reasons why playing the guitar might be helpful to your health;

Taking a few hours on your guitar has been medically proven to reduce high levels of stress and reduce blood pressure. Sustained pressure from work, relationship conflicts and business deals has the effect of increasing your blood pressure and straining your mind. A practice session with your guitar literally distracts your mind from the stress and helps the brain relax, reduces tension in your muscles and reduces the amount of stress hormones produced in your body.

Playing the guitar is also a healthy way of socializing with like-minded people.

Apart from relieving stress, playing the guitar is known to be a nice way of sharpening the mind. A Sharp brain function is not only important for our day to day duties but is also important for our old age. Sharpening one’s brain during the formative years of a person is known to be a guard that helps prevent excessive decline of the brain function in our old age. Playing music instruments also improves your coordination apart from increasing your memory capacity which ends up improving all the areas of our life.

Playing the guitar professionally can be a very rewarding career financially especially for those who are exceptionally good at it. Music lovers who nurture this craft from childhood through to their adult life are known to have a very good chance of being successful guitar players. Earning money from something that one enjoys doing is something that all of us desire but for those that are able to monetize their hobbies it is very rewarding.

For people who bear the burden of living with diseases that are chronic in nature and have to constantly pop pain relieving medicines into their system, playing a music instrument or listening to some uplifting music can actually reduce pain by taking their mind off the pain.

Playing music is also known to be good for our cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular ailments are on the rise and they are mainly as a result of the stressful lifestyles that people live. People who consistently spend time on their favorite guitar or on the piano eventually end up lowering their blood pressure which leads to a heart rate that is lower.

Playing musical instruments such as the piano can be very satisfying. There is a wide range of cheap, easy to play electric digital pianos for beginners who wish to experience the fun and satisfaction that comes from playing the piano. This is especially good for young adults since it ensures that they don’t get bored and end up engaging in destructive habits.

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Electric digital pianos are modern music instruments that produce sounds similar to those produced by acoustic pianos. Despite not having hammers, sound board or strings – that are normally found in acoustic pianos, electric digital pianos produce sound electronically. Here are some pros and cons of using the electric digital piano.

Electric digital pianos are small and compact instruments that are easy to transport. They are a good choice for a guitar player who moves from one gig to another and are also considerably cheaper in comparison to the acoustic version. Additionally, due to their small size, this music instruments can be played in small rooms unlike the acoustic pianos that require a lot of room.

Maintenance of an electric digital piano is only in the form of basic dusting and cleaning in contrast to other pianos which have to be tuned often and the cleaning has to be delicately undertaken since all the hammers and strings have to be cleaned and changed when they wear out. In addition, environmental conditions like humidity, moisture and heat cannot easily damage an electric digital piano hence it can be played from any kind of room.

With electric digital pianos, a player is able to record and even replay the recordings at a later time. This is especially helpful for beginners who can record their practice sessions and have them reviewed later. While still on practice sessions, the electric digital piano allow the users to plug in headphones into the inbuilt outputs and practice without disturbing other people who might be in the room. In the absence of headphones, they also have volume control knobs that can ensure that the sound does not cause disturbance.

With the MIDI interface that is found on most electric pianos, a player is able to connect the instrument to a computer or laptop. This effectively turns the electric piano to an instrument that can be conveniently used in music production. The output jack can also be used to connect this instrument to an amplifier or a PA system just like other music instruments such as the epiphone wilkat electric guitar.

Electric digital pianos have predesigned effects that are stored in the internal memory of the instrument that can be used to modify the tone. The most common effects found on pianos include delay, reverb and vibrato just to name a few.

Despite the advantages listed above, it is important to note that the feel and sound produced by electric digital pianos does not really sound as authentic as the acoustic pianos. It is only a few electric digital pianos that are able to reproduce a sound that is close to that of the original acoustic piano.

Although the sound of an acoustic piano can be mimicked, its aesthetic beauty and value cannot be reproduced in the electric digital pianos. Despite the need for maintenance and its space requirements, many acoustic piano enthusiasts confess that their quality can never be reproduced by another instrument.

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The audacity to take the first step is one of the surest path to achieving ones dreams. Many of us harbor the dreams of playing the guitar but without taking that first step, our dreams might possibly never materialize. Here are some pertinent factors to consider before acquiring that first guitar whether it’s for you or for your child.

After the manufacture of guitars, many guitars are tuned to a standard pitch which is known to produce the very best tone musically and is also meant to set the standard for these music instruments. Tuning your instrument too high from the standard pitch will result in a poor sound quality and it might also lead to breaking the guitar strings; while tuning too low can also lead to poor sound quality. This can be remedied by ensuring that the guitar you purchase has an electronic tuner.

One of the most important factors that one should consider before purchasing a guitar is the workmanship that has been put into the guitar. Poor workmanship can be manifested by glaring flaws like edges that are jugged, squeaking machine heads and poor finish.

When guitars were first introduced they were all crafted by hand before the introduction of large scale production plants which are now used widely. Handcrafted guitars tend to have a good finish since a bit more care is definitely put into the workmanship. For more than a quarter of a century now, a small town in Canada has made handcrafting guitars their job. One of the guitars that are crafted in this small town is the seagull guitar.

It’s common for many beginners to go for the most inexpensive guitar that they can find especially when purchasing one for the kids with the thought that the kid might drop the idea midway hence leading to lose of money. However, a cheap guitar is certainly harder to play and might not be visually attractive to a kid hence might actually end up being a disappointment.

Most guitars are now manufactured with an inbuilt pickup for the acoustic guitars that allow the instruments to be plugged into an amplifier. Electric guitars come with a wide array of electronics like tuners, tone controls and pickups etc that are very useful especially for experienced players.  In order to know the kind of electronic accessories that one needs for a guitar, you need to perfectly understand the intended use which will determine the kind of accessories that will be necessary.

The size of the guitar should also be a consideration especially when introducing children to guitar playing. Teaching children to play the guitar by using the normal large scale guitars can be very discouraging to kids since getting their little fingers to the frets can be quite challenging. This can be uncomfortable, discouraging and ultimately painful to young children. Travel guitar are some of the other type of guitars that are also known to be compact and small in size for the sake of portability.

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Music is an important component in many people’s lives. It has been produced and played for generations. People listen to several types of music for various reasons. There are people who find solace in music, especially when they are feeling low while others listen to music for entertainment.

I have been fond of music for a long time. My first experience with music was through an acoustic guitar that my dad used to play at home. I was still young but it made me get determined to know how to play the guitar. My dad loved country music and any time he was free he would go into his study room where he used to play the guitar from.

Sometimes I would join him there where he taught me a few basics on guitar like how to hold a guitar and use of different guitar parts. I was only five and still very young to know how to play a guitar. When I turned ten years, I enrolled for guitar classes where improved on how to play the guitar. With time, I perfected my skills and I was good at it. I would sometimes carry my dad’s guitar to school where I played to my friends whenever we were free.

My friends then started inviting me to their birthday parties and other occasions to entertain them and their guests with my guitar. Most of the times I was paid when I played the guitar in such events. I would then give out the proceedings to my mom. She opened a savings account for me as a way of teaching me how to save at an early age.

With time, I became very popular in the whole neighborhood. I received invitations to perform at parties on almost every weekend. Apart from playing the guitar, I was also good at organizing other fun activities such as games for kids.

Initially, I was only performing with an acoustic guitar without an amplifier. But with time, I bought an acoustic guitar amplifier to boost my performance especially when I was performing to a bigger audience. After attending several events, I realized that majority of them failed on certain elements as most of the parents were not familiar with their kids’ preferences.

I approached my mom with the idea of starting a kid’s focused business such as event organizing for kid’s events such as birthday and graduation parties. She was happy that I had become entrepreneurial at such an early age. My mom agreed and she registered a home based business in event organizing and hosting. The business majorly dealt with party planning, birthday products for the kids, educational toys, and game consoles for the kids.

After registering the business, we spent some time marketing it on various platforms and the response from the market was amazing. There was no other business in the market with the same idea as ours in the entire town. The business grew in popularity and we received invitations from far and wide. I would therefore spend most of my weekends at various birthday parties which my mom helped me organize.

After some time, my performance in school drastically declined and my mom had to limit the number of performances I would have in a month so that I would improve on academics.  I however juggled between books and business until I completed my education up to college level.

 After college, I decided to concentrate fully on business. By this time, I had already known of other items such as karaoke home machines which I acquired to help me spice up kid’s events. I had already learnt various aspects of business management and this has helped me in managing my business.  Currently, the business has grown and I am even targeting a bigger market in this unexploited niche.

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Night mouth guards are protective devices that are worn in the mouth and they are used to protect teeth from damage especially amongst individuals who experience a condition known as bruxism.

Bruxism is a condition whereby the individual frequently forcefully grinds or forcefully clenches against his or her upper and lower sets of teeth. Although many times these actions are mild, there are instances where people might have intensive grinding or clenching action. At such times, it is very likely that the individual might suffer some adverse effects such as injuries and damages.

Some of the effects that people with bruxism suffer include worn out teeth which is as a result of attrition from the prolonged grinding action. Apart from wearing out the teeth, individuals may also have breakages in the teeth enamel and cracks in the teeth. People who have had dental operations such as filling may have the fillings coming off. Due to the heavy attrition, the enamel of the teeth may be worn out exposing sensitive parts of the teeth and this may cause hypersensitivity when one takes cold or hot foods and beverages.

Bruxism is also known to cause other injuries to other parts of the mouth including the softer tissues such as the tongue, the cheeks and the lips. The teeth are very hard objects as compared to the soft tissues and the forceful movements may cause scouring, scarring, or indentations in the soft tissues. Teeth grinding and jaw clenching can also cause one to suffer from sore jaws and painful teeth gums.

There are instances when people who have had vigorous bruxism action in their sleep wake up to headaches and ear aches. This pains might be mild or severe depending on how hard the action was.

Bruxism is a condition that is widely believed to be caused by psychosocial factors such as stress and anxiety. People who have lifestyles that cause the buildup of stress and anxiety may have manifestations of bruxism. This manifestations might occur in their sleep or it might occur when they are awake. Ladies are more likely to experience bruxism when they are awake while men are more likely to experience bruxism when they are asleep.

When asleep, individuals are more likely to have forceful grinding action while people who have bruxism while awake usually do not have teeth grinding but rather have jaw or teeth clenching. Teeth clenching when one is awake is mostly caused by stimuli that is related to what the individual is doing at the moment. For example an individual engaged in an intense physical or mental exercise may have teeth or jaw clenching.

Recreational drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy are known to trigger bruxism. Lifestyles that include taking alcohol, smoking and taking a lot of caffeine can also contribute to bruxism.

Behavioral therapy is one way of controlling and managing bruxism although the use of bruxism night mouth protective gear is one of the most affordable and most effective ways of managing the condition.

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The High End and Low End of Education

If you are looking to become a petroleum engineer there are a lot of college options for you to choose from. While some of them may be more expensive than others, you can also receive a quality education without putting yourself in a lot of student debt. A petroleum engineer is responsible for developing and designing new ways to extract gas and oil from below the surface of the earth. So as you could imagine, it requires a great deal of training and education to obtain a career in petroleum engineering.

Petroleum Engineering Schools

One of the best petroleum engineering programs in the country is the Petroleum Engineering program at the Colorado School of Mines. They offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as opportunities to travel abroad for one semester out of the year to Australia, Holland, or Austria. Students are also given the option to obtain their Masters of Science and Engineering depending on what their future plans entail. The average yearly tuition cost for an in-state student is a little under $20,000 a year. If you are an out of state student, it is a little over $30,000 annually.

Pennsylvania State University is another excellent choice for students interested in obtaining a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate Degrees in Petroleum Engineering as well as obtain Minor’s in the field. There are various scholarship opportunities available to help you fund your degree. If you are an in-state student tuition is about $15,000 before books and boarding. If you are an out of state student then it is closer to $20,000.

The University of Tulsa in Oklahoma has a great petroleum engineering program as well. They offer students Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in the field. They also offer students the opportunity to work in Geosciences as well as Chemical Engineering. This is a very hands-on program that permits students to work in the field and learn precisely how oil is drilled and what the job entails. The university also has a drilling laboratory in order for students to practice their drilling skills. Undergraduates can expect to pay about $35,000 a year in tuition.


All of these schools are excellent choices if you want to pursue a career in petroleum engineering. Pennsylvania State University is the least expensive of the three and also provides students with a quality education. The good news is that no matter which school you choose they all have excellent financial aid and scholarship opportunities available to you. Your choice will depend on what part of the country you live in as well. This career field allows you to travel so that is also something to keep in mind. Great minds equal great opportunities.

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Finding Schools worth Your Money

One of the most important factors consider when choosing a career field to pursue is finding a quality college that you can afford. Even with financial aid and scholarships attending college can cost an arm and a leg. Whether you want to become a criminologist or a funeral director, it may not be within your budget to obtain a quality degree. There are certain colleges that may cost a little more but will be worth it in the long run. Here is some more information about these two agrees and the best colleges to go to if you want to pursue them.


A criminologist is an individual who studies the emotional, mental, and psychological profiles of criminals to help the police department solve cases. There are a number of different colleges you can attend in order to pursue a degree in criminology. The University of California in Irvine is dedicated to giving their students a high quality education with a unique curriculum. They have a Department of Criminology that focuses not only on criminology but sociological and legal studies so students are well of aware of various theories of criminal justice.

The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia also has a great Criminology program. They are an Ivy League School with a very intense academic program. If you major in criminology it falls under an interdisciplinary program so students are able to understand what causes criminal behavior.

Mortuary Science

People who study mortuary science go on to be funeral directors of their own funeral homes. It takes a compassionate person with an extensive education. The Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is one of the best mortuary science schools in the country. They have a program that can be completed in 18-24 months. They have a rigorous curriculum and they go above and beyond accreditation. They have an Associate of Applied Science degree as well as a Bachelor of Mortuary Science.

The Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science is an intense program and one of the best in the country. They have a diploma program as well as an Associate’s degree program for students who are interested in becoming a funeral director or working in a funeral home. It provides students with the preparation that is needed to run their own business and be successful in the real world. Associate’s degrees typically take about 18 months to complete.


Both of these career fields make great choices for people who are interested in unique careers that are very rewarding. You want to make sure that you find a school that is worth the money you are spending. Take your time to do your research on schools as well as financial aid.

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Careers With An Edge

Choosing a major can be a stressful time for any student. You may have a specific subject in mind but you always have that difficult task of narrowing it down to specific study. Many times it comes down to whether or not you want to discover more about humans or the earth itself. Students just have to find where their strengths are and where their passions lie. What were you most successful with in high school? Asking yourself that question will help you discover your passion.

Marine Biology

A marine biologist studies marine organisms and how they behave and interact with the environment. This is a very broad field to get into so most marine biologists tend to pick a specific area that they are interested in. This is such an important job because at some point into the future we may have to look to the ocean for more of our resources. So, the more we know about the ocean, the better chances it will protect us in the future. This requires an extensive amount of coursework and a lot of hands-on learning and training.

There are several colleges and universities that offer marine biology as a major and have excellent programs. Harvard University provides both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree program that will set you back about $45,000 a year. The University of Miami offers a Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD in the subject with a cost of about $42,000 a year for tuition. The University of California Santa Barbara offers a Bachelor’s and Master’s program for about $12,000 a year for residents. They also have a doctorate program for marine biology as well. All of these colleges are excellent choices but there are multiple options out there for you so make sure you do your research.


A gunsmith is someone who is licensed and trained to work on and repair firearms. A student can become a gunsmith with an Associate’s degree at an accredited college or university. Piedmont Technical College in South Carolina is one of the top schools in the country which is accredited. The Colorado School of Trades is also a worthy option if you are looking for an Associate’s degree as a gunsmith. You will be highly trained in the repair and the dissembling of fire arms. You can generally obtain a gunsmith degree in about a year to two years depending on whether or not the program is accelerated or standard.

No matter what your interests are you are sure to find a career that suits your needs. Regardless of what you choose, there are many school options all over the country so it is important to do plenty of research before getting started.

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Earning Professional Rewards

If you are considering a career in healthcare, you are likely motivated by a strong desire to help people as well as to be a part of a dynamic and evolving field. At the same time, it is also important to consider the financial aspect of your chosen profession – after all, your remuneration will determine your lifestyle for many years in the future. Whether you want to be a pediatrician or a radiologist, you must know all the facts so that you can make an informed decision.

If you are attracted by the prospect of harnessing the power of technology to identify diseases and improve patient health, then becoming a radiologist might be your dream. Radiologists utilize medical imaging technology and radioactivity to diagnose illness and treat patients. Their professional responsibilities include the following: obtain quality medical images, examine these to pinpoint medical problems, record patient data, prescribe medicines, and conduct radiation therapy. Radiologists are among the few doctors who do not interact much with patients; rather, their focus is on staying up to date with the technology in their field. Becoming a radiologist requires aspirants to spend approximately 13 years in higher education and training. After high school, students need to earn an undergraduate degree followed by four years in medical school. The next steps are internship and clinical residency.

Radiology is one of the highest paid medical professions, so the many years spent achieving this professional will pay off once you start earning. On average, a radiologist in the US makes about USD 350,000 a year. This comes with a busy work schedule, with radiologists often working 48-53 hours a week and being at work at erratic times. Those with a sub-specialty like radiation oncology or ultrasonography can get higher salaries. According to some sources, those who practiced interventional radiology earned a median salary of USD 492,102 in 2011 while non-interventional radiologists earned USD 461,250. Radiology is a growing field and jobs are expected to rise by 24 percent between 2010 and 2020.

Pediatricians, on the other hand, are medical doctors who focus on working with children, including preventing, diagnosing, and treating illness. Their duties include performing general checkups, administering vaccines, prescribing medicines, counseling families, and providing emergency care if required. Aspiring pediatricians should consider the various aspects of the profession – responsibilities, education, training, and future prospects – before making a decision. Like radiologists, becoming a pediatrician requires many years of study and training. After earning your high school diploma, you will need to complete an undergraduate degree program and medical school. This must be followed by three years in pediatric residency. Fellowship subspecialties generally take another three years, bringing the total training period to 13 years.

Like radiology, however, pediatrics is a well-paying field. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage of a general pediatrician in 2012 was USD 155,000, while Medscape’s Pediatrician Compensation Report from 2013 places the figure at USD 173,000. Salaries differ by state and industry.  The highest paying states for pediatricians include Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Nebraska, while the best paying industries include outpatient care and offices of other health practitioners. Those with subspecialties earn more, up to USD 395,000 a year as per some sources. Keep in mind that many pediatricians work in private physicians’ offices and have long working hours.

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Distance Learning For Healer
In 2007-08, as many as 20 percent of undergraduate students and 22 percent of post-baccalaureate students took at least one distance education course, as per the US Department of Education. Since then, that number has only grown! There are many advantages offered by distance education, including flexibility and affordability. Those who need to keep working or are looking after their families may not be able to attend the fixed classes on campus or pay the often exorbitant tuition and fees. In such cases, distance education is a great opportunity to learn at your own pace from a convenient location. Programs may be offered partially or completely online, depending on the field of study, the type of qualification, and the education provider.

Aspiring veterinarians, for example, might be wondering whether it is possible to earn their qualifications online. Veterinarians spend their days working with animals with the aim of preventing disease and treating sick animals. To become a fully qualified veterinarian, you need to complete an undergraduate program (preferably focusing on biology or science) as well as a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine. There are a number of excellent schools for veterinary medicine in the US, offering traditional campus education. Since the entire process can take up to eight years, many students may be keen to explore the possibility of completing some portion of their studies through distance education.

It is quite difficult to find a fully online doctoral degree in veterinary medicine owing to the nature of the coursework, a large component of which consists of lab and clinical hours. Some online programs combine a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree with a master’s degree in food safety or public health. Such programs typically offer a combination of online courses, clinical hours, and internships. In addition, there are various accredited distance education programs in veterinary technology at Cedar Valley College, Jefferson State Community College, San Juan College, Colby Community College, and Penn Foster College. Practicing veterinarians and veterinary nurses/technicians who want to hone their professional skills or upgrade their qualifications can also take online courses, such as those offered by the Royal Veterinary College, Centre for Veterinary Education, and VetMed Team.

Occupation therapists, on the other hand, work with sick, injured, and disabled people, using therapy to help them better accomplish a range of day to day tasks. Their job responsibilities include assessing patients, developing treatment plans, demonstrating exercises, helping patients carry out everyday activities, introducing changes in the home/workspace for patients’ convenience, educating patients’ families, and monitoring progress. Aspirants will need to earn at least a master’s degree in occupational therapy from an accredited school. While not absolutely necessary for admission, many students do complete an undergraduate degree program in occupational therapy. Students can explore a number of top occupational therapy schools in the US that offer strong on-campus programs.

Compared with veterinary medicine, occupational therapy has a lot more distance learning opportunities. Programs typically offer a combination of online studies and campus classes. Distance learning associate’s degree programs allow students to become qualified occupational therapy assistants. Those who have their occupational therapy assistant credentials can then apply for a transitional program, which combines a bachelor’s as well as a master’s degree and can be completed in approximately 3.5 years. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy, you can apply for an online master’s degree program. Various schools offer distance education programs in occupational therapy, including San Jose State University, Concordia University, Remington College, and University of Southern California.

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The Versatility Of Pogoplug

Even though cloud storage program are a wonderful option for everyone who is seeking a safe place to store their files, unfortunately there are some cloud storage programs that cause problems. Some companies take advantage of the fact that the popularity for this type of program is rising and they copy it and cause consumers much grief. If you have installed one of these programs you are in luck because there is an easy way to get rid of the annoying problems that it adds to your computer.

There are some issues with My PC Backup. Many people complain that it is not a legitimate product and only puts spyware on your computer and does very little to help with your file storage needs. The company assures its customers that it is a legitimate company with a legitimate helpful product to offer. My PC Backup does in fact provide cloud storage for all of your files such as music, data, photos, and much more. However, if you are concerned about this software being malware, please remove it immediately.

My PC Backup has been known to install itself without being wanted and show ads and pop-up windows causing you to have malware and spyware on your computer. There are ways that you can eliminate these from your computer. You must first make yourself the system Administrator and then login into your MY PC Backup account. Use your Windows task manager to terminate the file “My PC Backup.exe.” After that is removed you may then uninstall the program and should no longer see any problems.

One exceptional option is Pogoplug. Pogoplug allows you to keep all of your photos in one safe storage area to use whenever you need them. All you have to do is download the Pogoplug application to any of your devices and you are all set to go! One of the major perks to this cloud storage application is that they offer unlimited photo and video backup for a low price of $49.95 a year. Backing up your photos insures safety of those treasured family photos that you simply do not want to lose. This is the best choice for families on a tight budget but in need of a reliable cloud storage program.

Pogoplug also doesn’t save any of your password information so that also remains secure. They use the same protocol of encryption as a bank would to protect your financial information. They recommend that if you are looking for added security then you should encrypt the files yourself and Pogoplug will store those encrypted files.

When choosing the right cloud storage for you make sure you do your research before adding any new programs to your computer. You may be adding a virus without even knowing it.

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ss-login-bgThere are so many people in the world that feel that music is their calling. A lot of the times they get scared and do not pursue their dream of working in music. Many people tell them that there are no career opportunities in music. There are a number of career opportunities in music and there are ways to make a good living as well. The most important thing for you to do is pursue your dreams no matter what your goals and are and no matter what anybody thinks of them. If your heart lies with music, then there are definitely some options for you. You can find out how to an audio engineer.

An audio engineer is much like a music producer. They have the ability to combine sounds with other sounds to make them sound the best. Most audio engineers work in the music industry, behind the scenes making magic happen. An audio engineering student will be required to study a variety of different topics due to the wide range of knowledge that is needed to perform well at their job. They assist in the process of song selection and controlling the recording process. In this career it is also important for the music production major to know how to mix and master music recordings. Knowing about the technical side as well as the songwriting aspect of music making will help you further your career. There are a number of schools where you can acquire this type of education.

There are schools all over the country that offer it is a major. The Los Angeles Film School has a music production program that goes over basic recording principles, songwriting and development, copyright and publishing, music business management, and much more. Depending on where you live there are many more college options available for you to choose from.

Full Sail University offers an excellent music production program that is available both on their Winter Park, FL campus as well as online. The Berklee College of Music offers a Bachelor’s degree program in music production and engineering. They provide you with an education that gives you musical expertise as well as that experience you need to obtain your dream job. Many of the educators at Berklee worked with many big name artists such as David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Alicia Keys, and many others.

There are so many careers for you to choose from in the music industry. Don’t let anything stand in your way of achieving your goals. Whether you enjoy performing or like being behind the scenes, the opportunities are endless. It depends on how you want to pursue your career. It takes time and effort but you can do whatever it is you want. Make sure you do all of your research before choosing a school that you would like to attend.

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Digging for Success

If you ‘re looking for a bright future that has no limitations, petroleum engineering might be right up your alley.  The world of petroleum engineering provides a wide variety of options, as well as a wide variety of salaries for those who are interested. There are no limits to what you can do in petroleum engineering, and there is no limit to the areas you can specialize once you enter the field of petroleum engineering.

Before you get too excited about your future career, let’s take a look at the top petroleum engineering schools in the United States.

Top Petroleum Engineering Schools

There are a lot of colleges that can teach you the basics of petroleum engineering, but there are a few that stand out above the rest. These schools go above and beyond to ensure that their students understand more than the state minimum requirements to pass examinations. These schools ensure that you have hands on knowledge and confidence to enter your chosen field. The top colleges in the United States are:

  • The University of Texas at Austin
  • Texas A&M
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • University of Houston
  • Colorado School of Mines

How Much Can You Expect to Make?

The average salary of a petroleum engineer can vary depending on the specific type of job you are performing, as well as the geographical location that you will be working in. Make sure to check the requirements that your state has in order for you to practice in your desired specialty of petroleum engineering.

The average petroleum engineer makes about $ 130,000 per year. Those who choose to work in metropolitan areas tend to make more annually, as do those who live in the southern regions of the United States.

There are also many different sub-divisions in the petroleum engineering field that you can choose from. This will cause your salary to range a little as well.

Choosing a Location

Degrees are valid across state lines. Therefore, if you choose to go to a college that is not in your region, then your degree is still valid. So if you choose to go to school in Pennsylvania and you will be living in Colorado after graduation, you can still have a very successful career.

Those who choose to move their career south can see a dramatic increase in income each year. This is because there is a higher demand for petroleum engineers in states like Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia and similar states.

Choosing a Specialty

You can increase your salary astronomically by choosing a specialty in the industry. This is because choosing a specialty while you are still in college allows you to learn more, in-depth knowledge about a specific part of petroleum engineering that you would not learn by getting a generalized degree.

It is recommended that you research the type of specialties that are available at the college you choose as well as the type of specialty that is in demand in your specific area. This will allow you to choose the career you want, as well as a career that is in demand in your area.

Rural Areas

Rural areas are known for providing lower income for all careers. So if you plan to work in a rural area, you should expect a lower salary than if you plan to work in a highly populated location.

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The Most Lucrative Fields of Engineering

Engineering is a field that is specialized but highly lucrative if chosen as a career. There are many different jobs that you can go for, making it challenging to plan your engineering career. This is why you should consider various jobs and compare their benefits, challenges and requirements so that you can find the engineering career that will work best for you.

Petroleum Engineering

As a petroleum engineer you will have to get involved in various activities, including overseeing drilling activities, selecting recovery schemes, evaluating potential oil and gas reservoirs, and design various facilities. It’s a challenging but highly rewarding career, as with many other fields of engineering. But in order to become an engineer you will need to obtain the right qualifications.

If you want to become a petroleum engineer you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree. You can get this from various universities and schools and they offer various programs for you to consider. Some of the best schools to consider include the Texas A&M University, the Colorado School of Mines and the Pennsylvania State University. There are various programs that you can study and you can obtain your degree to start your rewarding career as a petroleum engineer.

Becoming a Journalist

Becoming a journalist is often a dream of many students who want to pursue a career where they can investigate a story and ensure that their readers get nothing but the best information and news. Whether you want to work for a newspaper, magazine or online blog, becoming a journalist is a great way to start your career. There are many advancements in technology that allow you to have it a bit easier than journalists before you, but that only means that you can be better at what you do.

It’s now possible to study at some of the top US journalism schools and this is great news for students from all over the globe. Some of the top schools include University of Missouri, Northwestern University, and the Ohio University. These schools have various journalism degrees that you can choose from and you will become qualified as a top notch journalist in no time. In terms of tuition fees, you can expect to pay anything up to $40,000 or more, depending on the school you choose to study at.

Whether you choose to become a journalist or want to pursue a challenging career as an engineer, it’s always important to make the most out of your studies so that you can get the qualification you need to advance your career. You should compare the different schools and make sure that you choose one that will fit your budget and your career goals effectively.

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Careers in Animal Care

When thinking about a career in animal care, there are so many options you can go with. One option is to become a marine biologist, which is very rewarding. But there are other great options too, making it very exciting to choose a career in animal care. Here are a few great job opportunities you can consider, along with their expected salary and the job description that comes along with it.

A Marine Biologist

A marine biologist is a specialist job that will require you to get involved in the study of organisms that live in the ocean. You will spend your time collecting data and then analyzing it to advance the understanding of how many organisms work and what they need to be preserved. You will have to have skills in biology, geology, ecology and chemistry. You can focus on specific animal species in a particular region, or you can work on specific projects with various institutions.

As an entry level marine biologist, you will need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in biology, and a master’s degree can help you to get a higher paying job too. If you want to get involved in a biology-specific career, you will need a marine biology Ph.D. degree. If you have a bachelor’s degree you can apply for a Ph.D. program, although some people prefer to do their master’s degree first.

Zoology Schools

You can also compare different zoology schools, to find the one that will work for you. Some of the top zoology schools include the Bangor University, the Plymouth University, and the University of Columbia where you can choose from a variety of zoology careers.  At the University of Texas Austin you can choose the school’s Zoology program in the Health Science Centre of the Houston campus. You can earn your Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate in Biology here.

If you choose Ohio State University you can take part in their zoology program in the Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology. The department offers students a BA / BS in Zoology and coursework include a variety of chemistry, animal sciences and biochemistry classes. The tuition fees range from around $10,000 for residents and $25,000 for non-residents.

Choosing a career in animal care is a passion for many students, which is why the good news is that you can choose from various universities and program options. You will be working with animals and their preservation, while earning a decent salary and climb the ladder of success. Animal care can be a very rewarding career too as you get to rehabilitate and observe animals in their natural habitat. Depending on your job you might be out in nature a lot which can be a very desirable career trait.

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Are You Ready To Choose Retirement?

If you’re at the age where you should start considering your retirement options, then you’re probably craving some non-bias un-spun information that isn’t trying to get you to go one way or another. You’ll be surprised to learn that there are tons of businesses out there that feed off of uneducated adults who are looking for a route to go for their retirement and don’t want to spend the time selecting the smartest option, so they just go with the first one they see and often time it’s a horrible plan in the first place. The best thing to do when shopping for your retirement plan is to do loads and loads of research. Know the ins and outs of how annuity works along with the different types of annuity (fixed, indexed, and variable), which annuity is best for you, what types of rates you’re being offered, and also whether you should go with an IRA, a 401k, or a Roth IRA.

When learning about annuity, a lot of businesses will try to confuse you with big words and mumbo-jumbo that they probably don’t even understand. Basically, there are two types of annuities: deferred and immediate. As you might have guessed, deferred annuities are when you put your money in and take it out when you’re ready to start making withdrawals (when you’re in retirement). There’s some time between when you put your money in and when you can take it out, so don’t go with a deferred annuity unless you’re willing to wait a while and don’t instant cash. On the other hand, immediate annuity is when you get payments sooner after you make your initial investment.

One of the biggest things people don’t realize is that the money that grows in your annuity is tax-deferred, meaning it is unaffected by taxes. So the money you contribute to the annuity isn’t taxed, but your earnings are. When comparing IRAs and 401ks the real take away is the matching components. 401Ks are generally done through an employer and/or plan administrator so a lot of the details are configured by them; such as the matching component. An IRA does not have a matching component while 401ks do.

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Elements That Weigh In On Your Net Worth!

At some point in your life you should probably find out your net worth. You’ll be surprised at the total, I’m sure, but you also will be surprised at how much your net worth affects other things – such as your mortgage rate. No, your net worth is not just how much money you have saved and/or how much you’re making. It’s actually quite a complex formula that takes a lot of elements into account, but knowing the ins-and-outs of your net worth and how it’s calculated you can become more educated and find out the best financial moves for someone in your situation.

A basic formula you can follow to find out your net worth is by taking your total assets and subtracting that by your total liabilities. Your assets consist of everything you own and their worth while your liabilities are how much money you owe and to who. Getting a sense of your liabilities is pretty easy because you’re billed for this; you can look up the amounts. However, your assets can be a little harder to calculate because you have to take into consideration condition and overall value. It’s very important to be honest when calculating this; for instance, don’t give your car a higher value than it really probably has. There is a difference between how much your paid for it, what it’s worth now, and how much you wish it is worth.

Once you have calculate your net worth, you’ll be on a roll! Luckily for you there is something else you can do that is very important to figure out and this is concerning your mortgage and what you can qualify for. By knowing your net worth you don’t have to hire somebody else and/or trust someone else in figuring it out. I’ve found that there is quite often some discrepancy between what someone thinks they are qualified for and what that person is actually qualified for. Nevertheless, when you’re shopping for a mortgage it’s crucial that you do lots of research. Jumping into a situation like this and taking the first option that pops is not the smartest thing to do as you might later find that there are better options out there for you. This is why I highly encourage you to look up how much mortgage you are actually qualified for.

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Other Options To Pursue!

Usually being in the military means having a chance at a secure future, but this is not always the case. Some of the may benefits given to former military personnel have been temporarily halted due to budget expenses. This is the current status for the Army and the Marines as they have stopped tuition assistance momentarily. There is no word as to when we can expect tuition assistance to come back, but this can cause lots of problems for a lot of people. There are soldiers all over the world that put their life on the line to fight for our country, the least we can do is help them pursue a college degree by cutting down on their college expenses. Even though two branches of halted their help, don’t fear because there are other options to pursue!

There are still lots and lots of scholarships out there with heavy amounts that can chip away at that mountain of a tuition. College tuition is expected to rise every year and get more and more expensive, so scholarships do wonders at helping bring that total cost down. Scholarships and grants are literally free money given to those who the hosts see fit to receive their reward. Perhaps the best part about these scholarships is that there are some that can apply to the entire family. That’s right, whether it’s your spouse or even your kids, they can reap the benefits of your military background just the same. These scholarships are fantastic, very easy to get, and most important they are actually large sums that can really make a difference in your tuition.

Another thing to realize is that the recent stop of tuition assistance is coming from the federal government. The state however has lots of say in benefits that you can receive with your military background too though. Check to see what the guidelines are in your state and see what all you’re qualified for. Who knows, maybe with your certain military experience you could be getting tuition for free! This is the case for any POW, MIA, or injured veterans in the state of North Dakote, so check to see what you might be eligible for! There is free money out there for your taking. You put your life on the line to fight for our country and thus you should be aided in the attempt to obtain a formal college degree.

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mozartNeuroscientists have been studying the process of brain development and music for years. Unfortunately, our schools do not teach us about the process of learning, areas of the brain and how the brain benefits from sound and rhythm. The role that music plays in our thought process has created a lot of interest in both the science and business community. There is more and more research that implies that music may have the capacity to hardwire our brain. The Mozart Effect is the idea that music and intelligence is linked directly to one another.

Why should we consider making music a part of our education? There is an increasing amount of people who take great interest in the Mozart Effect and how music may give us the power to heal, strengthen and find mindful creativity. The experiments conducted on this effect began in the 1980’s in which our nerve cells were linked to cell groups that had specified patterns. The rhythm that they found in the cells seemed to replicate various music genres. If there is a connection between neural functioning and audio is it possible that listening to music can boost our brain power and cell firing patterns?

Whether or not this finding is real, evidence does show that children who are exposed to music while learning do experience an enhanced learning pattern. Kids who are active in music training are often synchronized cognitively – they tend to be very advanced in speech and English skills. There are many students who choose to make music apart of their career by attending music school after graduating from high school which is why there are music-based educations throughout the country designed for those who find happiness and identity in self expression.

It’s quite often that for the majority of us, putting our headphones in is not something that we do for work or school because we’ve been taught not to. Although we may enjoy it on our down time, we tend to turn it off when it comes to focusing on a task at hand. Consider making it apart of your child’s focus to possibly make the learning process much more fulfilling. Music is a joy of life and it can also be a learning technique that helps students if they are struggling in academics. With a positive learning environment and desirable atmosphere music school gives students the chance to find excitement in growing up.

Music school is a great opportunity for anyone to find their creative self. There is so much importance within our education that it’s even more important that we find passion in it and make it something that children look forward to; this is why there are plenty of colleges designed for musicians and artists who find happiness and purpose in music.

3 Cool Ways To Make Your House More Green

Almost everyone is joining the movement towards sustainable living by recycling, carpooling, and using eco-friendly cleaners for their home and personal use. For those who wish to carry the green way of thinking into their home (other than natural cleaners) look below for some ideas.

  1. Go green energy – Installing solar panels should be a requirement for new builds in areas of the world where the sun never sets. In the U.S. states such as Arizona and Nevada benefit greatly from using solar energy. My in-laws live in Arizona and with the installation of solar panels of their roof it took what was an energy cost of $300 dollars per month during the summer down to almost nothing! There are even days when they don’t use all of the energy that their solar panels have created and with their system, that excess energy flows back into the grid for use by others and generates a credit for them. Solar panels are also a great selling point for a home since they cut monthly energy costs. There are also states that have so much wind blowing all the time that wind turbines make perfect sense. The state of Texas produces more wind energy than any other state in the U.S., and during 2013 wind energy accounted for over 8% of the energy generated for the entire state.
  2. Use the rain to your advantage – This is particularly useful in areas that are experiencing drought. Using rain barrels to collect rainwater from the gutters of a home as well as other areas of the property can save thousands of gallons of wasted water every year. Rain water typically just runs into the storm drains, so why not use it to water the lawn and the garden? The water can even be used for aquariums or ponds, as rainwater typically has very little chemicals. There are classes around the country that teach gardeners the concept of catching rainwater and many companies that sell rainwater catching systems.
  3. Stop mail abuse – Marketers have gone overboard with mailers and credit card offers that clog the average mailbox on any given day, and in turn creates more trash in our landfills. There are ways a homeowner can cut back on this trash by paying bills online, requesting that monthly statements be sent via email, and opting out of credit card offers. This can be done online at www.optoutprescreen.com, or if you wish to opt out by mail you can contact each of the credit agencies with a written request. Just be aware that they will ask you for personal information to be able to opt out of mailings, such as your social security number and date of birth. Opting out of mailings will cut back on the gas used to deliver these unwanted mailers and save the trees that are cut down for paper.

There are even appliances for the home that are considered to be green such as a composting toilet, or an electric or propane toilet that incinerates waste. Going green in the home is not a hard thing to do, it just requires a bit of time and a desire to help the environment.

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5 Tips For Making The Most Of A Tiny Living Space

If the 90’s was the era of living large it must be said that the 2000’s is the era of living small. In countries all over the world both single individuals and families are learning to live in smaller spaces and loving it. Living in a smaller space means less is spent on monthly expenses, and on the furniture and appliances needed to furnish a smaller abode. Making the most of a smaller space is easily accomplished; it just takes some creative thinking.

  1. Dual use furniture – There are many different ways that one piece of furniture can work double duty, such as using a dining table as a desk. Futons have changed through the years from the hard, unattractive pieces they used to be to stylish comfortable sofa and bed alternatives. Murphy beds, which have been around since the 1900’s are a great way to have a lovely living room set that easily converts to a bed when needed. They are highly customizable and a regular mattress can be used for the bed.
  2. Smaller appliances for smaller spaces – Manufactures are making appliances specifically to fit in the new small spaces such as compact under-the-counter refrigerators, dishwashers that are the size of a large drawer, and clothes washers and dryers that reside in one compact unit. Instead of a regular size stove, we now have “rangettes” which are much smaller in size but still have a stove and oven combo. If you don’t need the stove, a simple cooktop may be the answer for you.
  3. Use color wisely – If each room in a small space is painted a different color is can make the space feel boxy, small and uncoordinated. Using a light colored paint throughout the space will give it a light and airy feeling, and keep the eye moving which gives the illusion of space. If a color such as a light peach is used it will make the room look full of sunlight even on a cloudy day.
  4. Don’t crowd the space – a bit of minimalism is needed when living in a smaller area, as too much furniture will make the room appear cluttered. Pick pieces of furniture that will serve a function such as a bookcase that can double as a room divider. If you wish to display collections, keep them to a minimum and in the same color group. If you have several collections display them on a rotating basis as opposed to a clutter of knick-knacks everywhere.
  5. Use the light – If possible, replace kitchen cupboard doors with see through glass; this will make the kitchen appear larger. Use reflective surfaces such as mirrors on the walls to create the illusion of space. Ensure that window coverings do not block out the natural sunlight; use sheers for privacy rather than blinds which will allow sunlight to come through. If you hang curtains do so from the ceiling instead of the window frame; this will create the illusion of height in the room.

Living in a smaller space does not mean one has to give up comfort or style. With a bit of outside-the-box thinking you can turn your tiny space into the stylish home of your dreams.

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4 Ways To Save Money On Your Home Expenses

With the cost of utilities rising every year it’s no wonder that homeowners are looking to find ways to save money any way they can. Maintenance and repairs on a home can be costly, but by ensuring that your appliances are running at maximum efficiency a homeowner can cut some of their monthly costs down. Other ways to cut back on expenses for the home would include changing light bulbs to the newer, more energy efficient bulbs than last longer and cost less to run. If a homeowner wants to make some larger changes they would include:

  1. Swapping old model appliances to new Energy Star appliances – The Energy Star label indicates that the product is made according to international guidelines for energy efficient products, which was adopted in 1992 by many countries around the world. Products using this designation can experience up to 20% to 30% less in energy costs.
  2. Perform yearly maintenance – Several systems throughout a home need yearly maintenance to keep them running at peak efficiency. A water heater should be flushed out to remove sediment, which will ensure a long life for the tank. The anode rod, which hangs in the tank to keep rust at bay, should be checked for viability every year as well. If a homeowner takes the time to insulate their water heater it will result in less loss of heat from the tank by up to 45 percent, which in turn will lower energy costs. Other maintenance projects that can save homeowner money are cleaning clothes dryer vents, checking hoses on the clothes washer for leaks which will prevent mold and water damage, cleaning air conditioner and refrigerator coils, inspecting the roof for leaks in order to prevent water damage, and checking windows for air leaks that may need re-caulking.
  3. Heating and air conditioning are one of the most expensive monthly costs for a home. Installing a programmable thermostat will ensure that the home is being heated and cooled when people are in the house, but not wasting the energy to do so when there’s no one at home. Programmable thermostats are easy to install and can save the homeowner up to 10% of their monthly heating and cooling costs.
  4. Hire a professional – Some homeowners try to save money by engaging in do-it-yourself projects for the home. This is a great idea if you are a professional that knows the trade, but if you are not the project can end up costing much more than if you had hired a professional to begin with. Before a professional is hired for any project thoroughly check their references and even go so far as to check their previous work if possible. Check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure no complaints have been filed against the business for inferior work or unfair business practices.

There are many things that a homeowner can do to save on the expense of owning a home; it just takes a bit of research. Things such as properly insulating a basement or garage, installing solar panels, or even installing a wind turbine for creating energy can help to offset the cost of a home.

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Rising Tuition Costs Cause Increase Enrollment In Vocational Education

It’s no secret that college is expensive, especially when you’re unable to find employment right out of school. This is the case for many people and has become a ubiquitous struggle all around American and the rest of the world. People do not want to fork over thousands and thousands of dollars for a degree that may or may not find them a decent position working in an environment and they see fit. This is why attending vocational education is quickly becoming an easy substitute for the might and expensive university experienced.

Vocational education, otherwise known as career and technical education, prepares you for specific careers. You learn technical and specific skills that fully prepare you for employment. You don’t have to go through the process of getting your “gen-eds”  and taking classes you don’t want to take. Vocational education is for people who want to get right to work when they’re done with high school and don’t want to waste any time or money doing it. Vocational education isn’t just cheaper, but it’s way more efficient too as it puts you in the shoes of someone working your trade.

The only catch is that you have to be committed to a certain niche. You do not want to take classes learning how to be a welder and then decide half-way through that you want to pursue a journalism degree at university. Technical education is for people who want to do hands-on, technical things such as engineering, nursing and other medicine fields, technicians, architecture, etc. However people do seek out vocational education for law degrees; morticians too commonly choose career and technical education. It’s cheaper, faster, and can get out into the field which is where many people feel they need to be.

While tuition costs are increasing, they are starting to plateau, but this still leaves college has a major expense. Most students who don’t have the luxury of full-rides or getting their college paid for take on student loans. Student loans have become a norm throughout society which really says something considering most people can’t pay off their student loans for decades after they graduate. This is a problem that just can’t seem to be fixed which is why vocational education is looking more and more like the route to go.

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Being a Mortician Is a Calling

Being a mortician is not a job that everyone can handle, or that everyone would even like. It takes a special person to be a funeral director, since they are exposed to not just the deceased, whose body they will embalm, but also the grieving families, whom they will comfort.

Challenges of Being a Mortician

Many morticians see their job, accurately, as being called to serve people. Funeral directors handle many end-of-life arrangements for people, working with family members, and although we do not see it, they are deluged with paperwork,

Morticians have long hours and they are frequently called late at night to retrieve bodies to be prepared for cremation or burial. There is not much downtime. They deal with tragedies and death on a daily basis.

Preparing a Body

Our bodies will not last after death, and every step is taken to preserve a body with care, especially if the family and friends want an open-casket memorial or viewing. Morticians earn about $54,000 per year in the United States, but the care they provide to the family of a deceased loved one is priceless.

If a body will be buried, then its blood must be replaced within 24 hours with embalming fluid. For open-casket viewings, the morticians must reconstruct or reshape bodies, and they do so with the use of wax, plaster of Paris, cotton and clay. The last step is applying cosmetics, so that the deceased will look natural, and then dressing the bodies. This process may take from a half hour to over four hours.

“Buried” in Paperwork

When morticians are not working with sad families or preparing bodies for burial or cremation, they are busy with paperwork. This is a side of the job that we do not often see. There is much paperwork associated with someone’s death, including the papers submitted to the state, for the issuance of death certificates. Morticians also distribute copies of death certificates to heirs.

Morticians may help members of a family apply for burial benefits for a veteran who has died, and notify the Social Security Administration of this death. Funeral directors also may have the task of applying for transfer of insurance policies, annuities or pensions, for the surviving family members.

In fact, only about five percent of a funeral director’s work is dealing with an actual body. 45% is working with grieving families and 50% of their time goes to the completion of all the necessary paperwork.

Morticians Are Exposed to Crime Scenes

In May 2012, a mortician in Detroit discovered a gunshot wound in a body, where the Medical Examiner had ruled the death as being from natural causes. As she was preparing to embalm a 59-year-old man, the mortician found a small burned-looking area near the deceased person’s heart. It was a small caliber gunshot wound. This was reported in the Detroit Free Press.

The geographical area where the man had died was not a crime scene, because the police believed he died of natural causes. Now the crime scene was contaminated, and investigation was difficult. However, the mortician had discovered the true cause of death.

These are just some of the things you may not think of as being related to the job of being a mortician. These people take their work very seriously, and sometimes, as in the case of the man from Detroit, they even allow the dead to speak to the living.

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The Risky Side of Being a Zoologist

When you see zoologists with precious baby animals on late night TV, it is easy to imagine the aspects of the job that they love. However, zoologists have adventurous lives, including the time they spend studying animals in their natural habitats. Whether working outdoors or in laboratories, zoologists face job dangers unknown to other professionals.

What Types of Dangers Lurk for Zoologists?

Injuries on the Job

While they perform their job duties, zoologists may travel to areas of the world that are untamed. They spend time on water and land, both. This can place them at risk for injuries that have nothing to do with the animals they study. Slipping off sliding rocks and malfunctioning equipment could cause injuries unrelated to animals. Zoologists could even drown if they have a critical equipment malfunction.

Animal Attacks

Of course, the main injuries we attribute to the job are attacks by animals. Even with all the training they have, zoologists will sometimes be caught off guard by aggressive animals. Individual animals that they know personally can turn aggressive. In addition, zoologists working in the wild die from injuries that would not be life threatening in areas with emergency medical attention available.

Hazards in the Environment

Extreme temperatures could cause zoologists to suffer from frostbite or hypothermia in cold climates and dehydration in any climate. They could experience a shortage of clean water or food, especially if they are working in an area with which they are not familiar. Zoologists spending long periods away from their loved ones may experience psychological and emotional distress.

Diseases from Plants and Animals

Injured or sick animals or poisonous plants present a danger for zoologists, regardless of whether they are working outdoors or indoors. Improper handling of the blood of diseased animals can lead to illness. In the field, zoologists may accidentally encounter poisonous plants that can make them ill.

Ebola and AIDS are diseases for which scientists have no cure. Zoologists also need to be on guard for parasite infestations. Animals play host to some nasty diseases. As long as they take proper precautions, however, zoologists can protect themselves from most contact with the diseases of animals.

A Day in the Life of a Zoologist

In just a typical day in a zoo, zoologists and other workers may be injured while:

  • Carrying heavy bags of feed up slippery stairs in a habitat
  • Trying to open doors stuck on tracks and flying backwards into walls
  • Medicating territorial birds, some of which have six-inch long beaks
  • Handling loaded darts that contain enough vaccine for huge animals
  • Being knocked off catwalks above animal habitats
  • Being kicked by large-hooved animals
  • Handling and inhaling chemicals like bleach
  • Climbing trees with saws in-hand

The simplest tasks performed every day can cause injury to zoologists, even when they are exercising caution. Animals may have a much different personality than usual when you are talking about a mother bear protecting her cubs, for example. You can never be too careful when you work with wild animals.

The Risky Side of Being a Zoologist Credit Picture License: gavinzac via photopin cc

zoologistBeing a veterinarian and/or zoologist is no easy task. These professionals have a long list of demands that they must be able to meet in order to find any relative success in their field. Along with their extensive job description, the schooling needed in order to become either of the two is equally is grueling.

This is why you must seek out caution when deciding where to attend for schooling. Accidentally attending a non-accredited vet or zoology school could single handedly ruin your chances of becoming either a veterinarian or a zoologist; it will definitely affect how much you get paid.

In addition to the many traits that make a good veterinarian, seeking out the right education is equally as important. There are thousands of universities, colleges, and institutions that provide veterinarian programs that you can go through, but not all are accredited. There, at your program, you will learn about all the duties of a veterinarian. You will also engage in hands-on practice with animals. Many of the students that attend the College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University choose to do private practice.

A very similar field to veterinary medicine is zoology. Animal Careers informs that zoologists are biologists that study various species; rather than caring for them as a veterinarian would do. Zoologists work in conjunction with vets however, as well as other professionals such as zoo keepers and biologists.

They engage in extensive studies to help improve living conditions as well as learn more about animal behavior. In order to be a zoologist, one must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. The AZA (Association of Zoos & Aquariums) is highly-touted as being the most prominent membership group that zoologists and other animal professionals seek out.

As you can see, being a veterinarian or a zoologist is no easy job. It takes lots of schooling and extensive amount of knowledge in order to be either of the two. That being said, it is crucial to attend the right schooling. Initially attending a non-accredited school could be the worst decision of your life if you are to become either a vet or a zoologist.

The credits do not transfer easily to other accredited universities, and several employers do not acknowledge degrees from non-accredited schools. Also, there is the lingering thought that non accredited schools do not provide the same quality of education as an accredited school would.

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Pregnant woman getting ultrasound from doctorAmong the extensive list of “modern day heroes” rests registered nurses; the heroes with long white gowns who ensure your stay at a hospital or health clinic is comfortable as possible, and also provide doctors, anesthesiologists, and surgeons with all the needed information. But adding to that list could be ultrasound technicians, as many RNs are planning to switch from their nursing positions to holding a position as an ultrasound tech.

Nurses focus more on patient care while ultrasound techs focus on diagnostic medical sonography (from Global Post). However, registered nurses have to go through extensive procedures to being licensed and certified while most ultrasound technicians do not; in fact only a few states in the US demand ultrasound technicians to be licensed. There is the question of who gets the better pay, but to many people’s surprise the pay is roughly equal; it all depends on where and whom they work for.

For pay charts, see these links:



However, the biggest difference between the jobs other than the duties of each is the outlook. As a registered nurse, the job percent growth rests at 26% – not a bad number for such an important position. But as an ultrasound technician, the job percent growth is at a whopping 44%!

So why are nurses wanting to switch to being ultrasound technicians? A blog post on allnurses.com suggests that the life of an ultrasound technician is WAY less stressful than the life of a registered nurse.

Both jobs have their fair share of struggling aspects, but ultrasound technicians do not do nearly as much bouncing back and forth between patients and constantly being given new assignments. It should also be noted that most ultrasound tech programs are about two years long, but depending on the institution, the wait could be equal to that.

Being an ultrasound technician is very different from being an RN. First of all, you work a lot in dimly lit rooms working with x-rays and other sonographical equipment. You don’t spend nearly as much time hustling and bustling about like you would as an RN.

It may be a little more peaceful and slow-paced, but it demands just as much focus and intelligence. Having a deep understanding of the equipment before you is mandatory to being a good ultrasound tech as well as being able to work independently as well as with other patients. Some patients are scared of x-ray equipment, so being personable is a very important aspect.